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RTK/AgOpenGPS autosteering module

Custom-made and assembled product

Order a full module, ready to install on your tractor

Request a quote specifying the model of tractor, machine or vehicle to be equipped, in order to estimate the custom-made components to be crafted and produced (printed)

APUSO : Your RTK 100% open

Born in 2020 when two creative and passionate experts, associate and facilitate access to autosteering devices, for the greatest part of professionals in agriculture and forest industry

APUSO LIBRE is a company specializing in the design and implementation of OpenSource solutions.

APUSO LIBRE is the specialist in open technologies using RTK signal, machine guidance, steer and autosteer and field/network mapping.

APUSO LIBRE offers complete components and devices ready for installation: agricultural autosteer system, centipede beacon, standard or custom-made parts.

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Our service offer

A complete service around autosteer and mapping

​Device assembled or module in spare-parts

  • Assembled autoguiding system

  • Autoguiding system in spare parts

  • Centipede base

  • Custom parts and restocking

Deployment services and design office

  • Installation service for RTK steer and autosteer systems

  • Centipede base installation service

  • Feasibility studies, prototyping and decision support

  • After-sales assistance (after-sales service) and troubleshooting

​RTK, Centipede and AGOPENGPS training

  • Training to opensource hardware, technologies and software: AGOPENGPS (AOG), RTK, CENTIPEDE

  • Self-assembly workshops for autosteer systems

  • Technical documentation and tutorial

The precision layout specialist

A reliable Opensource model based on advanced skills

Free and “open source” products and services:

  • Our components are market standards, based on the plans built by the open source communities

  • Our crafted solutions are maintainable and scalable

  • Our solutions are deployed at fixed costs and without mandatory subscription

The keys to Apuso Libre’s success

  • Cutting-edge expertise: functional in the field, technological and product mastery.

  • Service delivery and program leadership

  • Sustainable collaboration with our partners: #OSFARM, the AgOpenGPS France and international communities.

  • Ambition to facilitate autosteer to as many people as possible, at reduced and fair costs.

Apuso Libre: Training AgOpenGPS Centipede RTK
AgOpenGPS screen shot.png

Research and development

Apuso working axes for 2024/25

  • Assembly optimization

  • Simplification of the installation procedure

  • Contributing to the community and "writing" AOG code

  • AOG functional developments over industrial uses


“Alone we go faster, together we go further”


Born from an informal meeting at the Salon de l’Agriculture in 2023,

OS FARM and its promise of interoperability of technologies serving agriculture, is our future.

Union is the Strength of this bustling consortium

OS Farm Consortium - interopérabilité

#AGOpenGPS France and International

This is the community that owns AGOPENGPS.

Community members and developers fuel our innovation and inspiration

APUSO is proud to contribute as much as possible to moving ahead the collective


Our initial prototype was crafted at AGRILAB in 2021

APUSO regularly leverage the facilites available at Le Lab


CentipedeRTK is a collaborative network of GNSS bases that are open and available to anyone in the coverage area.


The network is extended by public institutes, individuals, private actors such as farmers or other public partners.

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